Monday, 17 March 2008

slipping away

I am letting time get away from me and doing little about it. Tomorrow (18th March) we will have been here a year, and what a year. I am glad we did it the way we did, but do so want the next year to be different. Better. We had lots to contend with, job wise, at school, at home and of course personally. They never complain, but we think that the kids have coped with all that has come their way brilliantly, not effortlessly, they have all had to work hard to adjust, but they seem content and positive about what is to come. I hope that this year John and I find things here that give us joy (apart from each other!) and make it feel more like home.
My feeling at this point of time is ' we made it' and this time next year I hope it is more like 'that was a great year'. Up to us really.