Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Robin Redbreast

Without a doubt my favourite British bird is the robin. They are cheeky, territorial and often very tame. Gardeners all over the country have their robin stories, and in many cases, their own robin. John often gets followed around the flower beds by one here who will sit on the blade of the spade when John is only feet away. It's on the lookout for worms, and sounds as if it's getting cross if it has to wait too long for food.

Last week we saw a pair of them on the back fence, they nest in a tree in the neighbours garden and come here to feed. I am hoping we see the young this year.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

some weather

Winter is cold in the UK, so too is the summer, both tend to be wet and for the last two years we have experienced more rain than we could imagine. Then this year we had snow. Lots of deep, fluffy, quiet snow. The heaviest falls in 18 years. Schools were closed for two days, trains were not running to London, so all kids and John were at home and I plodded into work with my wellingtons on and had to leave early before ice formed and the footpaths became dangerous. Locals organised a mass snowball fight on the green and Bosley the cat was delighted, he jumped in it and played and when Em went into the garden to build a giant snowman he spent the entire time outside with her. We were all sad when it turned to rain. Despite the impact on the economy it was a hoot. The girls, Adam, his friend and I got into a big snowball fight near the railway track with some boys from the high school. What a laugh. People were talking and friendly, kids played outside and there was a real feeling of peace!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009


This is the first entry for 2009, hello all and Happy New Year. Back to blogging after a strenuous end to 2008. One by one we fell ill, John was in bed for a full week, then the girls, and finally in fits and starts me. Adam is the only one who did not succumb.

We did two Christmas dinners, one with Adam cooked by me, and one without him cooked by John. What bliss it was to be out of the kitchen all day. But how lucky we are to have 2 bashes at Christmas dinner.

I had a few short days at work and then we drove NORTH for the year's end. It was action packed. In typical Whitley Bay fashion, Nancy cooked for England and fed us wonderful food. The cousins got along, John and I caught up with friends and had a 'date' in Newcastle, such a beautiful town. New Year's Eve we all danced at the rugby club and Adam by this time had joined us from Manchester. On January 2nd John turned 50 and there was more food, family and drink to celebrate with him.

We got back to EG on January 4th and preparations started for John's 50th party. Held here, we cooked for and entertained 27 people, many friends that John has only been able to catch up with since he got back to the UK. It was, I say modestly, a great day, but I was still not well and while the last of the guests lingered in the conservatory, I snoozed in the living room while the remaining children played on the Wii!!