Saturday, 25 August 2012

Didn't she do well?

Han wowed us and herself with her GCSE results. Really outstanding and we are very proud and excited for her.
I hope your loved ones were happy with theirs.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Black bananas

While we were away the bananas in the fruit bowl went spotty and black. That means that no one in this house will touch them. Madness. Not moi. A batch of wholemeal banana nut muffins are in the oven as I type and the rest have been mashed and put into the freezer to make more muffiny things another day. Love not wasting food.

At lunch time my gym buddy and I did a short spin class. Exercise is just SO GOOD. It gives me energy.

The Spain photos are uploaded at least. I have to say something might have been lost in translation. They are not as brilliant as my memory, but nevertheless. Will get some posted, soon.

More sheets to tend to - did a TON of ironing yesterday - and some tidying.

Work tomorrow and I do NOT want to go back.....


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Down time

It is nice to be home and to be pottering. Four loads of laundry this morning. Quite something. But the beds all have to be done as the girls are coming home with Japanese Granny on Sunday....yipppeee. Han rang this morning. She is having such a good time she wants to stay on, but once she is back and at 6th form college, she will no doubt feel differently.

The holiday is fresh in my mind, so fresh it needs to age a little before I can look at the photos and write about it.

In the meantime, the never ending hope that this house will be clutter free one day lingers and today the drapey (all over the floor drapey), dusty curtains in the dining room have come down. I was never sure why the fabric had to be piled on the floor, but think the look was to be one of abundance and luxury. To me it was a deadly trip hazzard and a trap for cat hairs and dirt..... The down side of droopy curtains no longer being there means that the conservatory has been REVEALED in all its messy splendour....but this is not a bad thing. It becomes a reason to get it into order.

Despite its clutter, it is good to be home.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Nearly midnight

and we are home from our travels. We have covered a large section of Spain. We are tired, but it was so worth it. Ads is well, the cat is well, although he has a ratty ear, having been attacked by something this week. Ads thinks the fox, I think the next door cat. That feud has been going on for years.
Pics to follow.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Not using the internet

is hard. We are 5 days into the Andalucian holiday and I just HAD to check to see if there was anything from my girlies, my dad, who is not well again and infact anyone else. Nothing, not a peep from a soul, but then that means good news doesn´t it? No news is good news.
Off to have a siesta now on this important day in this country, the Assumption of The Virgin Mary.
Tonight is Spanish guitar, song and dance and we are off in the car to Jerez tomorrow.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Busy Lizzie

That's me. A flying visit to Whitley Bay over the weekend to celebrate mum in law's 80th. We took her to Corbridge for lunch, very nice place and some very nice shops. We also visited Hexham where Big J bought me a painting of a crow on a beach. Really! You have to see it to get it. I love, love, love it and it is now above our bed. It is by an artist called Fiona Clucas

On Sunday just after lunch the heavens opened and parts of WB and Newcastle were flooded. Big J managed to get me to Newcastle train station with only minutes to spare before the train left. Work on Monday meant an early return for me.

On Tuesday night I drove to Bedfordshire to see my bestie who is back from Japan. What fun, laughing, tears, talking (we are a bit hoarse). Less than 24 hours to catch up but it was wonderful.
I drove back on Wednesday night and we celebrated a neighbour's 70th with him.

Today I am tired but tomorrow night we fly off to Malaga which is a pit stop for our Rick Stein inspired visit to Spain. Driving from Malaga to Seville then Jerez, Cadiz and back the long way to Malaga again.

NOTHING is packed, washing still needs to be done lists made, dinner made I am off  to get on with it and to try and chill a bit because I am one stressy woman at present.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Olympic post II

The highlight for us being at the gymnastics is that GB and Japan were both medal contenders.

The Japanese team. Unfortunately Team GB were not facing us! The roar of the crowd for Lewis Smith on the pommel horse was fantastic. He is such a superb athlete to watch.

There were cheers and cries and falls and spectacular moves and GB got the silver. Then this happened.

There was much deliberation and no doubt extreme angst. Someone might lose a medal.

And they did. In fact we were all stunned as Japan went from 4th to 2nd. We thought they might just slide into third place.

From what we could see, everyone was professional and sportsman-like about the outcome.

If you click on the image it blows up a bit, but my trusty camera was pretty stretched, so it is probably a little fuzzy.

It was a priviledge to be there.

Thursday, 2 August 2012


Part II of the Olympics day out is on hold. There is a lot going on. The girlies left today for Japan for the rest of the month (most of it). We took them to Heathrow. It is different every year. They are young women now and take it all in their stride. I remembered the first time we put them on the flight back, they seemed so small. The house is very quiet and flat. Like their mum tonight.

Big J is not a well bunny, but he took me to Kingston Upon Thames for some shopping. His mum will be 80 next week and she wants an outfit to wear on her upcoming cruise!! No luck, but we did have a lovely lunch by the river and one day will go back for a  better look.

Tomorrow we drive up North to see the birthday girl, leaving as soon as work is over so there are things to be done.

Catch you all later.

Glum Mum.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Gold Silver and Bronze Moments and a Lot of piccies

We went to the men's gymnastics final at the North Greenwich Arena (you know it as the O2!)

With our two Japanese girls and two English boys it was a GREAT day.  I happily blend between these two groups, so cheer for everyone! 

Pretty amazing thank you. The weather was fantastic. London was sparsely peopled. Here is a cyclist in Victoria Street. This was at about 11:30am.

We caught a bus to Westminster and walked across the bridge and had a bit of fun on the way.

You can see who's boss in this house!

We took the Clipper down the river and got a feeling of how great this city is and how important the river continues to be.

I am such a saddo! At one time (before my 10th birthday) - I thought Charlie was a bit of alright!

This says it all really. London 2012 - Olympic City

Security was tight, we were a bit too close to get a shot of all the helicopters on board.

From the river, the arena looked like a tethered spacecraft.

The girls got nabbed by a Japanese TV crew. Han hand stitched the felt sun and the words NIHON on her shirt the night before. Em made a flag!

We all felt proud and very, very excited.

At this point - time to stop. A few more photos to go up but by now most of you are probably doing more exciting things like cleaning out your sock drawers than reading this.