Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Black bananas

While we were away the bananas in the fruit bowl went spotty and black. That means that no one in this house will touch them. Madness. Not moi. A batch of wholemeal banana nut muffins are in the oven as I type and the rest have been mashed and put into the freezer to make more muffiny things another day. Love not wasting food.

At lunch time my gym buddy and I did a short spin class. Exercise is just SO GOOD. It gives me energy.

The Spain photos are uploaded at least. I have to say something might have been lost in translation. They are not as brilliant as my memory, but nevertheless. Will get some posted, soon.

More sheets to tend to - did a TON of ironing yesterday - and some tidying.

Work tomorrow and I do NOT want to go back.....



Jay said...

Banana nut muffins, oooh delicious!

Liz said...

Actually Jay, the nuts were too raw, should have roasted them first....but they still got eaten.