Monday, 13 October 2008

Polly the Mexican Red Knee

We took Emily to the London Zoo for her birthday out...
The weather was great and we enjoyed the whole day. Highlights were the Okapi (significant memories for the girls as the first Okapi came to Yokohama when we lived there), the poison dart frogs, (blue, red, yellow and green, gorgeous.), the aquarium and the meerkats. Emily was keen to see the Spider Show and I forced myself to join in as I have a well ingrained fear of them, the bigger they are the more scary, and hoped to overcome it in some small way. After 20 minutes I was converted...well almost!
Polly, the Mexican red knee tarantula was the star, she sat completely still on her keepers hand while we were told all about her habitat, life cycle and her character. There was a question and answer session and I got close enough to take a lovely photo of her. There is no way I would want a spider as a pet, nor would I encourage Em to keep one, but I was reassured that some spiders are quite good at just keeping to themselves and that they mean us no harm!

Friday, 3 October 2008

Stars - some wearing very little!

Adam has been assigned to his band, they are classmates, not friends and between them have to learn to play together, set up practise time, work out travel and other costs to get around and all in all be just like a band that is out there playing gigs. We are looking forward to the first performances!

The girls both auditioned for West Side Story as Hispanic chorus girls, but were not selected this time. What cool! Neither of them were phased, they just want to try for the next performance!

John's choir is planning a Calendar Girls type spread to raise funds.....tastefully naked choristers! Mmmmmmm.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Life with no kitchen

Well, week three and we are now at the thrilling stage where we can COOK on the new stove and wash dishes in the new sink, with extreme care as the silicon has not been put around the joints yet! There is light, the walls are painted, there are however, no handles, no tiles and the wiring is not finished. It has been a huge disturbance in the lives of this very busy family, but we have learned to cope and I am very proud of everyone. I do not miss washing dishes at the tap outside, but realised that this is how millions wash their food, clothes, bodies and dishes everyday, so it important to appreciate all we have.
I have not blogged much as we have had limited phone and internet coverage lately.
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