Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Eyore syndrome

It is getting so that I am not even looking at the blog, let alone writing it. Despite some of the lovely things that have gone on that normally would be shared.

Currently, my mind is so distracted with issues that are not suitable for open discussion, that just getting my day job (read that as life) done is tough enough.

Not helped by the fact that there is a foreign body lodged in my right ear and I am deaf there.....completely. It is true, nothing bigger than one's elbow should go in an ear, but a cotton wool bud tip is in there...due to be removed tomorrow at the swanky new Pembury Hospital.

Issues and deafness aside, it is good to report that the sewing machine has been out and my friend's bag revamp is nearly done.

A Japanese doll has been commissioned - yay!

Bro in Hong Kong's baby on the way is a boy and the blanket for him has formed perfectly in my mind.

On a roll here peeps, flooding out now....

A cousin and I met up after THIRTY EIGHT years (we were practically babes in arms last time we met LOL), and had a great time. It is like meeting a new friend.

Phew, feel better already.

Apologies for the lack of photos. That requires a bit more effort and I am not there just yet.

Monday, 1 April 2013

April already

Here are the little kokeshi made for a raffle for a fund raising friend. They stand up but in order to get them in any decent sort of light, they had to loll drunkenly on the window ledge! The little pale blue is the one that was bought by a friend whose daughter was expecting.

Remiss I have been at posting, but it is not easy to do so if one is not in good spirits. Australia was awesome, but this weekend brought a rare bout of homesickness. (Bearing in mind I have not LIVED there since my twenties - it is rare that it gets bad, but it did this week). It was probably to do with distance and lack of seeing my family and of course the wonderful sun. It is true that the sun makes one feel better.

But, Big J and I ventured out in the icy cold to Hastings one day over the holiday and went to the Jerwood Gallery. We loved it, small and beautifully laid out, it has some pretty impressive works in it. We pottered onto the beach where the snow came blowing in, so the remedy was a plate of hot fish and chips.....

I have not touched my crochet hook since getting back and feel a bit stalled. The project I started when I was at home, all from my head has taken shape nicely, but the motivation to go on has gone, for now.

Mojos return and mine will. No point in pushing it. Em and I are off to Belgium on Friday and the crochet will come too. Some quiet evenings in the country might help focus my mind a bit....