Tuesday, 23 June 2009

John, Adam, David and I went to see two international Twenty20 matches at The Oval in London at the beginning of the month. I am not a die-hard cricket fan, but a Twenty20 is shorter, faster and you know when it is going to end. (Each side gets 20 overs each, an over being 6 bowls...)

We saw South Africa play and beat Scotland and England vs Pakistan. England won, John was happy.

We drank beer and sipped Pimms, very English but was SEVEN POUNDS per pint....

Monday, 22 June 2009

Camera up and working at last.

Finally we have replaced the battery charger for the camera (thanks, John) and blogging can continue..It is hard without pictures.

MUCH has been going on but life is full of living.

Yesterday, Father's Day in the UK...(not in Australia!), we picked most of the cherries off the tree. For weeks it has been shrouded in the net curtain we took off our bedroom window to keep the birds from getting at the fruit. Some losses, but the crop itself was fabulous. More than 100 berries, we got 6 last year I think!

After a very gooey banoffee pie for dessert we all had a bowl of cherries each. Nothing like home grown fruit and veg.