Saturday, 30 April 2011

What did you do

On the day of the Royal Wedding?

I got up early and topped up the soil around the potatoes and watered the fruit trees/shrubs. Then I went to body combat classes where some of the members were in red white and blue, one wearing an enormous red velvet top hat!

Home just in time to see Kate leave the hotel and from that point, depsite intentions otherwise, was transfixed until they left the Abbey. And of course, I wept!!! That was the main reason not to watch the whole thing. Big J thought I was being was more a case of avoiding the 'see wedding dress and weep' syndrome that strangely afflicts me!

Wedding eve saw the beginning of a little creation for my NEW MOBILE PHONE. Finally upgraded from the 95p number that was really more of a toy than phone. The new one is posh looking, but simple enough for me to operate and to celebrate, work commenced on a holder....

Discovered that superglue will not hold velcro onto crocheted cotton and sadly attempts to use it resulted in a big crusty smear of dried glue on the underside of the flap. This morning a little bit of lining was added as a cover-up job, along with the flower. I am loving it. Hubby thinks it impractical, but who else has such a nice phone holder!

Thanks to Lucy at Attic24 for her little flower pattern.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A picture says a thousand words

This is on the way to Australia, and we looked just the same on the way back and we all feel a bit slow, a bit sleepy and I am still a bit sad. It always takes about a week to feel normal again.

While away, a great deal of crochet went on. My father was amazed that I could stand and chat in the kitchen while working on granny squares. Not only granny squares, before them I finished the centre of the hexagon rug I have been working on.

Here they are being blocked on the floor in Cooran. While that was going on a new project was started and now this little one has been taking up my time...

Blocking on the cushions in the conservatory!

An assembled square....the yarn is hard going. Acrylic, double knitting, but with very little give. Arguably a larger hook would have produced a looser finish, but I like smaller hooks and fine work.

This is all going on while BABY items whizz around my head and this morning youngest daughter asked me if I would crochet her a dress! I would love to, but feel so nervous that I won't be able to read the pattern.

More later.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Long Haul

We are now half way into our 7 hour stop-over in Singapore. If you have to kill time in an airport, you can't beat Changi. We arrived at 5:00 am and found benches to crash on for about 3 hours. We then ate local noodles for breakfast and visited the Butterfly Garden. Loads of pics taken for adding later. In fact there is a whole memory card full of images from this trip. Big J is in a bar watching football and the girls and I are catching up on the net, but we feel some yum cha calling!!
More from the UK.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Sydney bound

Big J is off to Sydney for a few days. We dropped him at Maroochydore Airport and made our way back through Cooroy, where the girls went to the re-opening of the new SUBWAY and got a foot long sandwich each. I could no longer resist the wool in the local shop and came away with a small stash for a granny square blanket.....naughty, but gorgeous colours. Watch this space for when the photos can be posted.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Sunshine state

In sunny Queensland and loving the views, the light, the surf, the birds and their native calls, the wildlife (little snake in the yard and a bug in my bed?). We have been with friends and are to see more. Also artist sister will make her way here from Sydney at the weekend to catch up. So many photos and nowhere to upload them. It is not so long ago that internet in this part of the world was dial up!! Tonight we go to the SILENT MOVIES in Pomona