Wednesday, 8 July 2015

It's been an age

I rarely feel like writing of late. Not that life has reached a standstill or is particularly calm, far from it to be honest. It is just too much to shift through the days and put it out there. 
The first academic year is nearly over for me. Doing rewrites, updating a portfolio and going on some trips for the course. Hard to fathom that I have reached this stage and very, very happy.
The first academic year is over for Princess Hannah who had a hard time and struggled. It was enough to make her want to give it all up and go down a new and different path altogether. Some time at home, some reflection, some distance and some decisions have brought her round to going back for year two, with changes.
Em awaits her results. What can I say? Her heart lies clearly on one choice although she is positive about her other options. I hope she makes it.
Adam leaves with us for Australia in a few weeks and will not return for about two years. Big J is spending as much time with his son as he can. He will be sorely missed.
My dear old dad is ill again and we wait for news of op dates, results, plans and how he and mum are doing.
A lot of the time I am tired, sad and anxious. However, there are good things, always there are good things.
Running! Couch to 5k, now in week 5 and loving it.
No alcohol for five months except on rare occasions (a trip to Tuscany was rare enough to have a glass or two). Part time work, money in the bank. Needed as we all head for Australia and things keep breaking down!
The dog, best running partner ever. She trots along with me at my pace then when it is done we head into the field for her to sniff out rabbits and luck yet! 
A little crochet for a new baby on the way and a completed blanket for Em to take to uni. The blanket is done...the border is not, yet. 
That's my life for the moment.