Thursday, 2 August 2012


Part II of the Olympics day out is on hold. There is a lot going on. The girlies left today for Japan for the rest of the month (most of it). We took them to Heathrow. It is different every year. They are young women now and take it all in their stride. I remembered the first time we put them on the flight back, they seemed so small. The house is very quiet and flat. Like their mum tonight.

Big J is not a well bunny, but he took me to Kingston Upon Thames for some shopping. His mum will be 80 next week and she wants an outfit to wear on her upcoming cruise!! No luck, but we did have a lovely lunch by the river and one day will go back for a  better look.

Tomorrow we drive up North to see the birthday girl, leaving as soon as work is over so there are things to be done.

Catch you all later.

Glum Mum.

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