Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Gold Silver and Bronze Moments and a Lot of piccies

We went to the men's gymnastics final at the North Greenwich Arena (you know it as the O2!)

With our two Japanese girls and two English boys it was a GREAT day.  I happily blend between these two groups, so cheer for everyone! 

Pretty amazing thank you. The weather was fantastic. London was sparsely peopled. Here is a cyclist in Victoria Street. This was at about 11:30am.

We caught a bus to Westminster and walked across the bridge and had a bit of fun on the way.

You can see who's boss in this house!

We took the Clipper down the river and got a feeling of how great this city is and how important the river continues to be.

I am such a saddo! At one time (before my 10th birthday) - I thought Charlie was a bit of alright!

This says it all really. London 2012 - Olympic City

Security was tight, we were a bit too close to get a shot of all the helicopters on board.

From the river, the arena looked like a tethered spacecraft.

The girls got nabbed by a Japanese TV crew. Han hand stitched the felt sun and the words NIHON on her shirt the night before. Em made a flag!

We all felt proud and very, very excited.

At this point - time to stop. A few more photos to go up but by now most of you are probably doing more exciting things like cleaning out your sock drawers than reading this.


Jay said...

Lovely pictures of Olympic London.

Liz said...

Thank you. It is a great city at the best of times, but really looks fabulous now. Hope you are enjoying the games.