Sunday, 29 July 2012

Gardening time

Big J and I went to the plant nursery this morning and bought some trellises, a salvia called Hot Lips, a Veronica Red Fox and a Clematis, Hagley Hybrid. It looked a pinky peach colour with my sunnies on but is a lovely lilac. We have planted it against a very bare looking bit of fence, behind a ceanothus. With luck it will bush out and spread to cover some very ugly laurel and evergreen bushes.  Currently it is about five thin stalks!
It has been a while since I have dug a hole and shifted plants around - it felt amazing even though the old muscles will not agree tomorrow.

PS This outdoorsy post does not reveal the regular popping in and out of the house that has been going on to catch up with the Olympics throughout the day! How can one not?


Rowantree Design said...

Hi I just found your blog today, seems like you and I had a fabulous time with nature on the weekend. I spent a weekend landscaping the front drive and garden of my beach shack. I have blisters upon blisters, but it was so worth it. the best part comes next weekend, when I plant the plants. I love all the names of the plants you chose, how very 'Shades Of Grey' I love Japan, never lived there but love to visit, you must have had such a great time. I have become a crochet nightmare after going to lessons, I have more projects happening than I can finish.

Liz said...

So nice of you to read bits of my blog and to add a comment. It pleases me no end to hear from people. A beach shack sounds idyllic - are you going for native plants?
I looked at your blog in return and loved the clothes. Wish that kids clothes were still that way. Like you, I made some of my girls' dresses when they were little.
Please pop in again.

Liz x