Monday, 2 July 2012

Herman's day has come

Who out there in blogland has NOT had a Herman - (German friendship cake) foisted upon them given to them by a friend?

We are onto number 4 or number 5 and today is the BIG day.... we (this means your humble blogger)  have to the bake the blighter and ideally find 3 friends to pass some batter mix on to! I have found one recipient this time, the delightful little daughters of my lovely colleague R. But the rest will be baked and time has been spent working out what version to go for.

We like ginger....the stickier and gingery-er the better.

Possibly banana and walnut?

Chocolate chip or good old fruit....mmm

Good thing spin is tomorrow and good thing some of it can go into the office with me as well. Off to put on my pinny!


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crunchnrustle said...

I've never been given a Herman but I'd like to think it's because they wouldn't be successful with gluten-free flour rather than the possibility that I don't have any friends!