Saturday, 21 July 2012

Blue and white porcelain - sayonara

Really should but probably won't post a photo of the conservatory. Just can't bring myself to bear all that exposure.

But today two BIG bags of items went to the charity shop. The dinner is on, it is late afternoon and I am going to pack up my entire collection of blue and white porcelain that I have carried with me around the world, and put it away. It does not work in this house. There may be a place for it one day, but not now.
Later in the evening:
Here it is on the patio table, just before it was packed. The truth is there is more, but it is used regularly for eating off, serving food etc.  It is now in two boxes in the loft.
I spent time unravelling and winding up a huge tangle of yarn. It is all packed neatly in a ziplock bag now.

There is a UFO in there too, a crochet one, and today it struck me that it can be salvaged. Still working on Han's blanket, so not yet, but it lifted my spirits to think that something that had been given up on completely could be finished and used and loved and NOT WASTED.

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