Monday, 9 July 2012

Coming and going

Tonight we are going to look at a holiday for two. In a place where Big J has friends so we may have a few days on our own and a few with them. While we are away the girls will be in Japan. I have some pretty stressy butterflies in my tum about that. I love that they still go back, love that their granny comes to stay, love that all things Japanese mean so much to them, but I hate being apart from them and the cautious mother in me wants to wait for them safely at home while they take off across the world - not take off herself....odd that.

It must be a form of separation anxiety. Love my girls.

Youngest is in London at an architect friend's office for the next two weeks doing work experience.
More growing up.

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crunchnrustle said...

When they're older and still at home you'll be asking your girls why they're still there! About time you and Big J had twosome break I reckon.