Sunday, 8 July 2012

You never can tell

After writing about sharing my day off on Wednesday - hubby threw a something into the mix that completely changed the day. He phoned from London to say he was finishing at about 4:30 so why not come up and join him for a browse in the sales and a film?? Well after looking at the ironing pile, the list of not yet touched chores and my youngest and telling myself that it was just not on, youngest said 'Go, Mum' and 'I will cook dinner for the others' and she did, and I did!!

So London on a sunny afternoon, no purchases, but that is fine by me. Then a tasty meal in China Town and a film, Your Sister's Sister:

It was a great film. Made me laugh and cry and wonder how I would have coped in that situation.
It was good to do something different and good to be with Big J on our own.
The kids of course, fared well and were none the worse for their mother running off for the afternoon.

Since then the tempo has upped a bit and we have reached the end of another weekend. The ginger Herman cake went down well at the office. Had a little chat to myself about MY SIZE and have been to the gym once and spin twice. It will be a long time before I have a butt like a beach volley ball players (women's people, a woman's volly ball player's butt) but I did the squats today.

 Lots of weather of course, anyone in the UK knows what I mean, but there were spots of sunshine and this evening is lovely.

Murray did not win the tennis, but love that he can be so open about how hard his loss was to him.

This evening will be spent listing things on ebay.  JOY (not). The best bit is the sale, it's getting there that is a drag!

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