Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A day away from work

The dentist has been at me again, bless him! Indeed, bless him. He is great, careful and thorough. AND he is off to Morocco (again) to treat kids there with dental issues. He is raising money for a dental bus, they will be able to treat 600 kids from it, so he got some help from me.

I then found an Orla Keily skirt in the charity shop for a song - truly a song.... it is lovely. Her designs really appeal to me - but the prices do not!

Sadly, one of the older clothes traders in town is closing down, another lovely family business going. They sell jeans and for the first time in many, many years, I bought a pair of real jeans that are CUT FOR MY SHAPE...Whoooppeeeee. At half price too. Then Big J met me for coffee and I took him in to the shop and he got some trews.  We found out that the owner is in a BOWIE tribute band and they have a show coming up soon in our town.  We are signing up for it with our teens who are so into his music.

Both girls are in London today, Em for her final work experience day (she made shortbread to take to the office) and Han who is catching up with a friend she went to school with in Hong Kong, who lives in Canada, but is visiting his sister in the UK this summer!!

Ads is working long hard hours and needs to be fed large amounts of good food. That means time to don the pinny!

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Karen said...

I'm in the middle of multiple dentist visits also (sigh...and for the $$$ involved too) - one of my favorite shops is just across from their office (not sure if that's good or bad:) so make myself feel better by browsing the sale racks afterwards:) Great minds think alike...