Thursday, 12 July 2012

Toys of old

Barbie has never really done it for me. Sindy was nicer, a bit safer looking, and in my era, dressed like my mum! All above the knee, geometric shift things. Even so, the outdoors was a heap more fun and pretending to be a DAKTARI vet in the African bush, the best of all! It was ironic that we did live in the Nigerian bush for many years on and off, but it does not have the Noah's Ark of safari animals found in the east and south. Why the pondering on toys and games?

This week on E-Bay I have listed a Barbie doll dressed as Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. It has been with A for a long, long time, in a cupboard, unopened. Never Removed From Box!! Some research on this wet afternoon tells me that there are lots of folks out there who LOVE Barbie and all her bits and pieces, Ken included. Each to their own. The 'winner' of this delightful creature will no doubt be pleased and so will A, as he gets some dosh.

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