Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Olympic flame has been and gone

This morning we stood outside the hospital and watched the Olympic torch pass by. It was fun, more fun than expected. I thought it would be a loan runner with the flame held aloft, but there were sponsors vans (OTT all of them) and lots of police on bikes and occasionally a completely confused and embarrassed looking cyclist that had wondered onto the road at the wrong time who got a huge cheer!! Bet they have made a mental note to check the route of any future flames!!
The athletes are gathering and London is being watched by the world and tested on many levels. The folk in and around the city are being tested too, with major disruptions to work and travel.

My other half is beside himself with excitement. He loves sport at the best of times, he LOVES the Olympics, and is very proud that they are being hosted here. I like many of the events, I love to see athletes from very far away, small countries who may have a lot less than we have. They look so proud, and it really moves me.

If it was really, truly all about sport and being the very best one can be - nothing would be better. It is not great that only certain food and drink sponsors can ply their substandard excuse for food and liquid refreshment at the venues. It is not good that a drink or a bank or a burger gets to share any moment of glory. I guess they paid for the priviledge......pity.

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Karen said...

Hi Liz - I remember watching the Olympic torch go by preceding the Atlanta games....right at the end of our street - we had no idea and heard a lot of noise - went outside - and there it was! Very exciting and moving to think we were 'part' of it.