Thursday, 19 July 2012

Little steps

How many times has this blogger moaned about 'stuff' and 'clutter' and having too many things? About getting the house sorted and freeing up space, not just physical space, but emotional space. Things weigh us down.

Well today she came home from work feeling rotten. A powerful headache and a bit queer. A short siesta did little to take the edge off, and rather than sit in front of the TV she took herself off into the conservatory and took those first few steps. I like to think they are the first few. This weekend, Big J is away and it seems kind of nice to use the home time for creating space.

Loads of magazines have gone. Why do I hang on to them? (To be honest - I rarely buy them, too extravagant for me, but I like hand me downs from friends). Sometimes it is one tiny article/picture/idea that appeals in one, but the whole things stays, curling at the edges and fading, eventually becoming so sad looking that it eventually ends up in the recycling along with the 'I could make that' plan that will never come to fruition.

I dream of a more simple home/life. I believe fewer things will mean less stress and maybe less to do (less tidying). I am not a natural at order, but space speaks loud and clear to me. Over the next few days I am going do something about it. Just watch!

I am in deep now!

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crunchnrustle said...

Oh Moonpenny, ditto me with the mags! I'll have to be extra careful not to keep things I don't really need now that I have a whole room to stash things in! Good luck with the clearing and I hope you're feeling better.