Sunday, 1 July 2012

Not sure I am ready

to come back to blogging. Much as I love it. It takes SO much time. I have been working hard at my life, family and relationship with my ever shrinking Big man. (He has lost loads of weight and is looking fan-tas-tic).
I looked through all the Portugal photos today. It was the first time and they bring back great memories. Rather than put them all here, they are on Flickr and the link is here

Em did her DofE practice run this weekend and came back bouyed by the experience.

Han has been at a Japanese festival in Brighton in her Cosplay gear.  Here she is in a costume that is not hers at a recent London event.
And here she is in her hand-made costume.... the wig she bought!! She is the character Teto-Kasane.
I am crocheting another blanket. This one for Han. Em is using hers. I am still exercising like a mad thing and going to spin classes. I keep thinking of having to ride up to Ditchling Beacon next to build those thigh muscles.

I have been getting stressy at work, forgetting the mantra that 'it is a job not a life'.  I am reading '50 shades of Grey' and taking a while to get into it....Not a genre I am all that familiar with.

Roses have moved onto the patio. Patio roses. Something new. I usually like less pernickety plants.

My BFF is coming to the UK soon. Yip Yip Yippeee.

I do like blogging. See you all soon. x

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