Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A hole in the head

I have one, given to me this morning by our lovely dentist. A bridge had to be altered and one tooth removed. Ignorance is bliss, I was not a bit concerned when they sat me in the chair and handed me a bib.....I had visions of popping along to the gym this afternoon with G, but he soon put paid to that idea. No pain then, it's a bit tender now, and there was lots of blood.....and still an odd dazed feeling.

I paid for the treatment, although I do have an NHS dentist. In this town there are now no dentists taking on new NHS patients. How mad is that? Teeth are fundamental to life and healthy teeth to a healthy body. If folk cannot afford to have their teeth looked at, and we are just talking about check ups here, not treatment....then by the time they really need work done it will exorbitantly expensive and possibly their teeth will be past saving.  I think that everyone needs to have access to initial consultation for their teeth as well as their bodies. I am not happy about all these changes to the National Health Service.

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Jay said...

Can I just say hear hear!! Basic health care should be free, or at least much more subsidised,the fees are so expensive for dental care that regular 6 monthly check up's for all are a thing of the past. Very well said.