Sunday, 17 June 2012

Self imposed absence

There are times in life when a serious re-think about what is important is essential. That time came for me last week. It has been coming for a while, although the nitty gritty of it does not need to be aired here, tempting as it is to off load! It became necessary NOT to log on and blog and surf the net daily, necessary NOT to be racing off out the door minutes after getting in from work and NOT to go with my lovely girlfriends for a quick few at the end of the week. The result is a more grounded me in better contact with all my loved ones.
Last night we watched Lord of the Rings together and today some of us worked together outside in the garden. We have been eating together and talking about little things that are important.

Lots of good has come out of this week.

Em's blanket is finished and on her bed.

The yarn is ready to start one for Han - tonight.

The garden looks spiffy and there are lots of new flowers.

Big J and I have been on a bike ride together.

More things have gone to the charity shop.

Someone I know, who has had two heart attacks rode the London to Brighton bike ride today - brave young man.

I have some wonderful friends.

I have a wonderful family.

I am a much happier woman this weekend than I was last weekend.

Blogging is still a big deal to me.

I will be back.

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