Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Learning to share

It is my day off and it is so very precious to me. I like to be alone in the house, in silence usually, no music and NEVER the TV. I hate having the TV on during the day. Bosley keeps me company if he is not comatose, he loves a walk around the garden, sitting under the line when the clothes are being pegged out and the odd chasey game, weather permitting.

Things do or don't get done depending on need, urgency, mood, energy levels etc. Cooking is usually done, some chores and errands and often a lunch time trip to the gym with my spin buddy.

After school, when the first child appears, my solo day ends. But no more. I have to share the time now. Han has finished GCSEs and is at home. Big J works from home two or three times a week depending on his schedule. Em is on study leave and Adam lives with us again - although is working his socks off and we don't see him during the day usually.

Sigh. Love them all as I do, that slice of me time mid week was bliss.

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