Thursday, 19 February 2009

some weather

Winter is cold in the UK, so too is the summer, both tend to be wet and for the last two years we have experienced more rain than we could imagine. Then this year we had snow. Lots of deep, fluffy, quiet snow. The heaviest falls in 18 years. Schools were closed for two days, trains were not running to London, so all kids and John were at home and I plodded into work with my wellingtons on and had to leave early before ice formed and the footpaths became dangerous. Locals organised a mass snowball fight on the green and Bosley the cat was delighted, he jumped in it and played and when Em went into the garden to build a giant snowman he spent the entire time outside with her. We were all sad when it turned to rain. Despite the impact on the economy it was a hoot. The girls, Adam, his friend and I got into a big snowball fight near the railway track with some boys from the high school. What a laugh. People were talking and friendly, kids played outside and there was a real feeling of peace!

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