Saturday, 31 May 2008

If it's not one thing, it's another

John had a bad fall when out shopping up north with Hannah and Emily on Friday. X-rays to the ankle revealed no broken bones, but there is severe tissue/cartilage damage and he cannot walk without crutches, (although he tells me that Hannah and Em spend more time on the crutches than he does!!) He must rest if there is any chance of him attempting the marathon drive back down south from Whitley Bay. I tentatively offered to go up this morning to bring the children back, but wisely he pointed out I have never done the trip with him in the car, so going it alone would be very tough. If the kids have to come home by train and leave John there to get some more rest, so be it. But I want him home, and better. Poor thing, cannot stand to be idle and on top of that he is in pain. He needs lots of TLC.
On a brighter note, his father is due to be discharged from hospital today. That will cheer everyone up.

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