Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Back at the blog face

The end of October was a blur and for much of it my camera was in the clutches of some young miss who has been to a gaming show in London (dressed as a Japanese school girl for those anime fans out there - complete with floppy bow tie and calf length black socks... and may I add, looking INCREDIBLY normal....she is after all a half Japanese school girl!!). Still she so looked the part that many asked her to pose in their photos.

Tonight the camera is mine once again and this is the latest.

We had Halloween and prepared thus:

We are not very big on the event in this house. It seems somewhat forced, although in my distant youth I did carve a turnip once. I think there was a shortage of pumpkins in my granny's shop in Newtownards!!

The results were:

Strangely, the girls were very protective and did not want to put them out until the actual night...a bit of coercion persuasion did get them out on Saturday night where the slugs then snacked on them leaving them with unsightly facial blemishes...

A neighbour had a fancy dress party where the focus was how fab one can look. I mean cat woman costumes were EVERYWHERE, but not on this bod! I went as a car crash victim (apologies for offending anyone as this is a serious thing to happen) but it was really easy to prepare for.

Dress up all posh
Wear stockings
Slash said stockings at knees - Get daughter to apply fake blood
Get daughter to apply nasty split lip and black eye makeup (source: the Internet)
Mess up hair as if one has crawled from a ditch
Go to party - drink pink champagne - come home!

On the crochet front this little thing is happening

Tiny granny squares with sock wool and four ply rowan wool. I am really happy with my little kneeling pad for the garden finally getting used to block squares on.... On the colour. This is not ideal, but I just had to START something.

Phew, got to blog. I needed that.

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