Monday, 4 March 2013

Still here

Despite the lack of posts, I am still here. Occasionally reading up on all the news and latest creations. Truth is - the job requires loads of learning. I take it seriously. Lots of people now come to me with their issues and it is important they get the help/support they need. By the end of the day I am fairly wiped out.

The kokeshi dolls are all done and have been handed over to be raffled. I was so very proud when someone said they could not wait until the raffle and bought one outright for £10.00!! I don't think my work has been paid for before. That money also went to the Ethiopia fund, what a feeling.

J and I have been swanking it up in London with an overnight stay in a friend's flat in BELGRAVIA....Such fun! We went to the London Eye, the cinema and walked our toes off. The girls joined us the next day, when we parted with J to go shopping. Em got a dress for the Boat Party, discounted and cashed back.....and we picked up some items at Uniqlo for my artist sister.

In TWO DAYS I will be flying home via Hong Kong where I get to see my brother, sister in law and the lovely Ava Eloise.  Dad has had his op and is doing well and I will in Cooran on Monday next week after a couple of days with my sister in Sydney.

So, things are busy. Very busy and there is lots to do.

I imagine my next post will be from Australia.

Have a good week you lovely people. x

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Jay said...

Your stay in London sounds wonderful, have a safe trip to Australia. x