Wednesday, 29 May 2013

What, still no crochet?

Really missing the whole hooky thing, but can't reach for it just yet. It does not help that my lovely cushioned handled 3.5mm hook was found with little chew marks in some small dog's bed recently. That grip will never be the same!

But other very good things have happened to someone very near and it has been such a boost to the spirits today. Someone I love dearly has let me know that in their senior years they decided to have a chat to their doc about something that had bothered them for a long time, since their youth in fact. They felt that now, we are much more open about issues and they had long suspected that things were not quite right. It turns out that they did need a little help and from family history it became clear that depression was an illness present in a number of the members. One sadly, even took their own life. That person is now stronger and happier with treatment and all around them say the change is palpable. How very brave and how much braver still to tell your own daughter. 
I have my demons too and have been dealing with them actively for some years now. It has never been a secret in my generation but it is something for the older generation to reach out. Odd how the knowledge makes sense of so much and a relief in a way as well,  but the best thing is that the suffering has been reduced. 

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