Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The grass is not greener

So, I went away to another blog spot to leave this one behind and start all over again. But I missed Blogger and found the other one harder to manage. I saw less of the blogs I like, and it is nice having updates on the side of the page.

Time to come back - four months since the last entry.

I have handed in my notice at work and will head off to uni in Sept to do adult nursing. Facebook folk and the other blog readers know this. I cannot wait for that gap between work and study and for some time to wind down and get centred. To prepare and just hang out with my lovely family.

Princess Hannah heads off in September too  to do Chinese,  and I am going to miss her so much. It is good to see how much she is looking forward to going though.

Currently I am making bunting - for a tutorial someone asked me to give to her and some friends. So exciting. I have ordered some yarn for the occasion which has not arrived, so I am working with Planet Penny's Cotton Club Yarn and it looks lovely. The pattern is from a heart one in a book, just haven't crocheted the bumps at the top. There will be some small flowers - maybe. Today's attempt at a forget me not looked a bit like a cabbage....

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