Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Home Sweet Home

When we first got to England in March, we decided that this house, which belongs to John, is not ideal for all five of us, so we would sell and move. A fresh start for everyone, closer to Guildford where John works and somewhere we could make our mark on. Now, almost three months later, the girls are settled in school and have started Girl Guides. John's body clock has morphed and he is up and out the door just after 7 am some days. I have 'found' a gardening activity I love, and Adam comes to us at weekends to make the family complete. All the while we kept in mind that we would not be here too long. Well, nothing in life remains the same, and after much thought we have decided to take the house off the market and to stay put. The children are pleased. Hannah is due to go up to high school in September and had her heart set on the local school. Emily was simply relieved. Too many moves. Adam too was pleased and wisely suggested we fix the shower if we are staying! (Definately!) John and I set too in the garden. Until now it was all maintenance, and keeping it in control, but not any longer! We let go. Grand plans are afoot and we celebrated by cutting back some of the shrubs that needed to go. It is going to keep us all busy getting the place to the standard that we want. The worrying thing is that on Monday, 74 boxes arrive from Hong Kong..... They all have to go into the garage, as there is no room in the house. There are going to be a lot of trips to the tip and the charity shops......

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