Monday, 25 June 2007

Rain stops play

Wimbledon is due to start today, but play has been delayed because of the rain. It has been wet for a week. So much for the long range weather forecast which said lower than average rainfall for the summer and higher than average temperatures!

Still, we can't really complain. Last week was hectic, so many boxes and so little room, but it was a good week. A former student from Yokohama, Mrs. Kurita, was in England on a driving holiday with her husband and they popped in to see me. The weather was not great, but we had a short walk around our small, quite pretty town of East Grinstead. It was wonderful to see her and she deserves a big thank you, as she brought some Japanese treats for us all.

On Thursday, which is the volunteer day at Standen, we lopped branches from trees overhanging one of the walkways and we put down 100 metres of irrigation pipe. This meant climbing under a 10 foot hedge, not very dignified, with rear ends poking out of the foilage, but incredibly rewarding!!

We are now planning our own short summer break, to Croatia. It looks beautiful, rustic and relatively unspoiled. More on that later.

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