Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Summer up date

Well here is the update of the news over the summer. When the kids first came home I confess was dreading the six weeks. All I could see was days of loitering, bored and restless children with a frustrated mother so it was a bit grim. Fortunately it was nothing like that. The guide camp started the girls off and everyone saw a lot of their friends. Adam visited his grandparents in Manchester and Whitley Bay for almost two weeks. In late July, Fiona from Hong Kong was here for a few nights. Such a lot of fun. We were really sorry to see her go.

We then went to Croatia, to Trogir near Split, for a week. (That will get its own page.)

As soon as we got back, an old friend from Belgium was here for a couple of nights. I knew Francoise in Brussels about 20 years ago. She is a very active grandmother and doesn't sit still. She is a brilliant cook as well. The girls' father arrived a few days later. He stayed in a local B&B and unfortunately had pretty wet weather for the week he was here. It didn't stop him and the girls getting out to see the country side and they had a great time. Ushio's visit over-lapped with the arrival of John's parents who were also here for a week. They are easy going and incredibly kind. Hannah and Em love their adopted grandparents. We celebrated their 49th wedding anniversay here with champagne and a barbie. The night before they left, Adam went back to school. So there we were, at the end of the summer, which although not all that sunny, (this is the wettest summer since records started in the 1700s!) had been busy and lots of fun.

Last weekend we were back to just family and it was, if we are honest, rather nice! I got back to the garden at Standen last week too, having missed the entire summer.....

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