Monday, 1 October 2007

New month, new job

Hello! Today I started work in my new job. After watching 6 induction videos on health and safety, and putting on my steel capped boots and uniform I went on a tour of the place. Huge. I am going to be in charge of indoor plants. Not quite the outdoors, but I will end up out there. It was cold and wet and we get plenty of warm clothes.

Emily is now going to after school care as I get home late. She also had her first day and enjoyed it. I had to drag her away very quickly as we needed to get home to take Bosley to the vet.

Poor Bosley has been in a fight, and a very nasty bite on his back became infected. The absess burst last night and John and I were very concerned about the amount of blood that came from it. Still in pain and not a well pussy cat, we got him into his cage which he hates, just as John got all four of us took him to the vet. He has a high temperature, and a big wound. Two injections, a worm tablet for good measure and well cleaned cut later, we brought him home, where he is now resting in the conservatory.

The other news is that my parents are here, but left this morning for Lincolnshire. We visited Lewes and Standen this weekend and it is great having them here.

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