Tuesday, 8 July 2008

good things in small packages?

On Saturday afternoon, Em, John and I went to the local Smallholders Show. It was tiny in comparison to the South of England Show, but small is good as we discovered. It was very hard not to ooh and aaah over the piglets, chicks, ducklings and other fluffy and furry beasts. Em loved the bees, a hive was on display (behind glass), open, with all the workers actively feeding the larvae. The queen was marked clearly with a red dot on her thorax so that we could all see her.

The harderst part was NOT bringing home a chicken or two. John reckons he could rustle up a hen pen with a few planks of wood, but even so, with Bosley and two cats on either side of us, three across the road, not to mention those we do not know who prowl around at night, the hens would be too stressed to lay.

We consoled ourselves with bringing home pork and stilton sausages, some chocolate covered honey comb and some achillea for the garden.

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