Friday, 18 July 2008

Greased Lightning!

Em played the role of Headmistress in the school production of Grease last night and was (objectivity personified here), BRILLIANT. The whole production was fun and it was clear the kids got a lot out of it. John Hannah and I were very proud.
With only days before the end of term we seem to hurtling towards a flurry of events that I am not ready for!!
The girls are off to Belgium with their Dad next weekend. Colette (dear friend) is in London from Yugawara and I am counting the days til we can catch up and I can show her around this part of England.
WS2008, the guide camp held every four years, starts days after the girls get back and there is a list a mile long of things to prepare....including copious amounts of chocolate cake for guide leaders. One would think they might need something stiffer!
We are then going to attempt to go away for 3 days with all five of us. Problem is to where and if we chose a location will there be any accommodation left? Tough one.
Back at work for 2 days then off again for 10 days to Warkworth, where we have booked a holiday cottage and then a few days in Whitley Bay.
That practically takes care of summer. So much to look forward to, but it feels like it will be over in a flash. Time goes too fast.

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