Monday, 16 March 2009

Sunshine at last

The weather has been fantastic, and it really lifts ones mood to see the sun. I worked on Saturday but was keen to get home and into the garden, but ended up not finding the time!!
John and I went to dinner at La Ferola, a Spanish restaurant and tapas bar in town to celebrate two years since our commitment ceremony!! Fabulous food, veal cutlets and a steak and very crispy white bait for entree. We didn't have desert. We walked home and watched a film with Adam and Anna.
On Sunday morning, John shut himself away to work and I got the wellies on and did some of the chores.
I turned the compost in the big new bin. Looking good, not wet and sloppy and not smelly!
The achillea in the front was getting bunched up so that was split and planted out. A new fuchsia 'Blacky' was potted up and the others all trimmed. I also put a daisy, probably an osteopermum into the front bed.
It is looking more like a garden, but there is a long way to go.

On Sunday we went for lunch to the fabulous Dim Sum restaurant in the Wing Yip complex in Croydon with friends, Chris and Judy. Good food, great company. Then followed a quick trip to Furniture Village to see Jane, John's sister and back home for the usual Sunday night round of chores and jobs to get us started for the week.

The weather is still great today and may continue to be so this week.

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