Monday, 30 March 2009


Last week I got a call saying that I had won a 7 night luxury holiday for 4 people in a European destination....the only thing I had to do to claim my prize was to attend a 2 hour seminar in London on in fact, I was going to have to sit through a sales pitch on buying a time-share property in Europe and if I was really patient I would get the 'free' holiday (£29.50 per person booking fee, plus airport tax on top...). I chose Spain and we were all quite excited until I started reading the forum on the site that I belong to. In the end it felt wrong and we decided not to go. The kids were a bit sad, they loved the idea of luxury and holiday in one package, but we could afford to go regardles, and would not have to be at the mercy of the local sales team in Spain. Good thing we decided not to anyway as John forgot to put the clock back and we lost an hour on Sunday!!

We may not be going to Spain, but we did win £18.00 in the school raffle...that is a nice prize, the cheque was hand-delivered to the house....something real!

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