Friday, 16 October 2009

Blue Light Ambulance

Well, life is never dull.

We had a great weekend last week.... My mother was 71 on Friday 9th, so on Saturday my brother and his girlfriend came from London to celebrate. We made this fantastic lamb dish and served it with roasted potatoes and calabrese (a variety of broccolli)

For dessert we baked a raspberry cheesecake, using our own raspberries. There was champagne, wine and a lot of laughs.

On Sunday, John and I drove to West Berkshire, 1 and 1/2 hours away, for lunch. We met the Hidens and Goegehans at a pub called Langley Hall Inn in a place called World's End. It was a great day out, the food was excellent and so was the beer, although the women were designated drivers for the day, so we did not drink!

On Monday my parents left for a week in France and John reported feeling a bit unwell, which we put down to a big weekend, but as the day wore on he got worse and by the afternoon he was on the train back from London in agony.

I picked him up from the station and took him to the Queen Victoria Hospital in town, which does not have an A & E, only a minor unjuries unit. They put him on an ECG machine and said that it was not his chest, but he was gasping and very distressed. They called for a blue light ambulance to take him to the hospital in Tunbridge Wells. I was asked to drive on ahead to meet him there. I got all the way to T'Wells and was called by the hospital in East Grinstead to say that the ambulance had taken him to East Surrey hospital in Redhill, another 30 minutes on the other side of EG!!

By the time I had picked up Adam from home and found John in the emergency ward in the hospital, he was on morphine. It was 2 am before he saw a doctor and he has now been in hospital for 5 seems he has a chest infection and that he will be released today.

What a week. We have been going to see him every night. He is bored and tired as it is a surgical assessment ward so people are always being brought in and then taken out.

The week has been so strange. There is no routine, nothing is getting done and I cannot wait til he is home and we can go back to normal...

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