Wednesday, 21 October 2009

water water everywhere

John is at home and now impatiently waiting for the doctor to sign him back to work. It seems that the most likely cause of the problem was Legionnaires Disease! [Legionnaires' disease causes a serious pneumonia (lung infection). You get the infection by breathing in droplets of water which contain Legionella bacteria. The earlier the illness is treated with antibiotics, the better the likely outcome. The illness is fatal in some cases. Pontiac fever is a milder illness caused by the same bacteria]. Given that John had been in hotels, on planes and in general exposed to airconditioning for 12 days on his last trip to the Middle East, there are lots of places that he could have picked it up.
Anyway...yesterday a water pipe burst in the pavement infront of our neighbour's house. It seems that various residents in the street had been reporting it from 2:30 pm, but not a word from the water company. In my job I speak to all the utilities suppliers, almost daily! So I rang to add to the furore! They promised to deal with it and then I mentioned that all the houses on the leak side of the road were actually below street level and I would hate to think what would happen if water ran down into garages and living rooms.........there was someone there to plug up the leak within an hour! By bedtime the job was done and the water service we lost for about 2 hours was back on. Nice.

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