Saturday, 14 November 2009

Baby steps

Last night I started following an amigurumi (crocheted or knitted soft toy) pattern and am half way through my first kokeshi doll. She is a little wide, but there is a shape....don't want to say too much more as there are some things on the pattern I do not understand yet. It was very exciting for me and more so for Em, who took my first lop sided attempt off my hands to create a little will follow, but he has only one ear and is not ready to be photographed. I sat with the family and we all watched tv, but my hands were busy. Fantastic.
The link here shows the doll, as mine is bald at present, I am not sure what hair she will end up with!
John and I are off this weekend, sans enfants, about which I cannot help but fret, but they can manage. We are going to the Windsor area and to Forest Green. Lots of eating out with friends and a night away....

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