Friday, 13 November 2009

Me Time

Today I had the day off. It was pouring with rain and the roads are partially flooded outside town, but this was a big chance to have some me time and I went to Lewes, regardless! It is on the River Ouse and has an old part of town with a brewery, still making the local beer, and lots of antique and bric a brac shops. Even in the heavy rain, it was nice pottering around. Of course I went to the charity shops too and bought two pieces of blue and white china. I used to buy it all the time and have a few nice pieces, but of late I do not like to add to the considerable clutter of this house, nor do I like to part with my money! Something got me going and though and these are the purchases ( see above).

I had lunch overlooking the river....

I wanted to look at fabrics and get some inspirations for colour and projects and I wanted to take some photos too...the latter didn't happen till I got home.

Still, it was my first solo drive anywhere beyond Forest Row, I listened to Women's Hour on the radio on the way and was really cheered by a group of knitters talking about their exhibition. They have made life sculptures with their knitting and some of the stories they told were hilarious. One woman KNITTED a pair of SWIMMING TRUNKS ( the mind boggles and I am sure some parts itched!!), for her husband, but when he jumped into the pool, they expanded so much that it took both him and his wife to hold them up so that he could clamber out of the pool and rush into the cubicles to get changed!!

The rubbish bin, complete with baked beans heading for it, is from that exhibition. They knitted a bicycle, a lamp stand, a carpenter's bag and tools and a midwife's bag and its equipment to name a few things. I would love to see the display.

The day is not over and I am full of ideas, such a pity that meals have to be prepared and houses cleaned up!

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