Monday, 31 May 2010

May Bank Holiday - 2

We visited East Grinstead and over a coffee planned the week. Hannah's friend Hugh wants to get together in London, so there was a bit of arranging to do. I then left them to potter and got on with some errands.

Adam played with his band at a street festival in Haywards Heath and John went to see them. John called me on his mobile so that I could hear them. It was mowtown and very good.

In the evening they all went roller skating and it was a huge hit. They started off creeping around the wall, but by the end of the session, were out on the floor, wobbly, but skating. After dinner they had a parfait making session which was noisy, but they are all getting on well and that is what it is all about.

One of the pictures here is of my lovely hostas, favourite of slugs, so they really suffer at times. I spend a few minutes each day picking the beasts off them, but will not use slug pellets. A trip to Starbucks the other day was lucky as we were able to nab a bag of coffee grounds and apparently slugs hate them. Time will tell.

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