Sunday, 8 May 2011

Out of kilter

We have been back for two weekends, but spent last weekend having a first cousins reunion in Oxford at my wonderful cousin Lyn's place. Her three half brothers, two of their girlfriends and her sister were there, all the way from Australia. One cousins came from Newtownards and one from Dublin. It was amazing and fun and we went punting on the river after a fabulous lunch. Happy, happy day.

But with all that there is a sense of not being on top of things at home. Much to do in the garden, Duke of Edinbugh items to be sourced for Han-Solo. Em is taking up athletics and needs gear. Big J is working on his new contract and is putting in enormously long hours. Nothing seems calm or organised.

I tell myself it is going the right way though. I made a pledge to myself when is Australia to STREAMLINE life a little. Slowly, things have been making their way to the charity shops, to the tip, to the box for a table-top sale at a church hall in two weeks.

Today a chest of wicker drawers became a shoe box in the hall. Works perfectly.

(This is a pic from The Cotswalds Company....the little chest is the one we have).
Saves the cost of a new one, shoes that do not fit have to be taken to respective rooms.

I looks better, less always looks better than clutter.

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