Sunday, 29 May 2011

Something lovely

This morning I was doing something I love, reading some of my favourite blogs. Through a link I found Hawthorne and her amazing work to help the people affected by the Japanese Tsunami. Wonderful woman.

While I write, our two Japanese students are still asleep. They arrived yesterday, from Guildford!! They are here for half term. This is our second year of having students from the same school. It was such fun last year. My girls love, love, love having Japanese girls their age to hang out with. I love that we can have kids to stay who otherwise would not be going home. In my early days at school in Australia, I knew NO ONE, so 'relied on the kindness of strangers' (to paraphrase Blanche from A Street Car Named Desire), (classmates really), to take me in. At uni I was spoiled in Japan by various families and now it is my turn to take care of other young students.

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