Saturday, 17 December 2011

Tis the season

The last few weeks have not been easy - for any of us. But as we head towards the end of 2011, things are looking up.

My brother and his little family left us last week. It was a stressful time for them, emptying their flat, finishing with work, coping with 'flu and saying goodbye to a city they love and all their friends after a decade. They asked me to come and help in the end, and I could not have been more pleased to scrub out their oven and fridge and clean the kitchen floor. We had one night here with them and it was lovely. Ava has the most fantastic gelling effect and we passed her round like a parcel to her smiling and chuckling. They all visited me in my office the next day and we had lunch together before saying our goodbyes in the hospital carpark. It was a teary afternoon for me. I will miss them so much.
Big J got the thumbs up to go to Hong Kong himself for four months, so it looks as though we might get to see him and my bro out there sooner than we thought.
School has ended and it is nice to have the girls around. Ads is around too, but not as much.

This has been a social week too with the secretaries Chritmas party, well attended, rather liquid and with excellent food. We then had Big J's old mob's Christmas do in London, very liquid with much singing of carols and old, old songs....a real hoot and fab for J to catch up with people he has known for more than half his life. We stayed overnight in London as the thought of schlepping home after a boozy night was just too much. Good call. He had to trot off early in the morning in time for the Rugby Club Christmas lunch, and I got to have a day in town shopping with my girls.

We are home now, exhausted after trailing along Oxford Street, but we did well. Most of my shopping is done on line and early, but not theirs. Still, we had fun and with luck, this week will not be about rushing around like a mad thing!

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