Sunday, 21 July 2013

All this sun

is making me happy and wanting to get out there. But, I have the type of skin that does not respond well to rays. It goes red, blotchy, sometimes little bite like things appear and the freckles come back.

My granny always said 'freckles never lit on a dim skin' I am happy with them, but oh for an even colour. Still, I admit if I did have a golden toned dermis, I would probably keep it covered like I do now.
Too many bits have had to be frozen or cut off!

So, when I do go out it is with 'that hat', a scarf, long(ish) sleeves, a ton of sun block and glasses. Not a good look, but there is no sunburn.

Today, suitably attired, we took mum in law and little dog to Cuckmere Haven. Juno has a new halti, this is to stop her from pulling and straining at the lead while grunting and choking. Such a disturbing sight. A mad, thrasing dog at the end of a small lead....ugh! She is maintaining a brilliant display of resistance to the halti and will frequently lie down without warning, or scrape her entire body along the ground to get it off. This latter tactic backfired a bit today when she was thrashing around on the bank of a small river, when PLOP, in she went! She is not a water baby. The sea was not fun for her later, her toes were in, but she was very worried to see me and Big J paddle. She was trying to herd us back to shore.

Life with a dog is a good life, in all this sun....

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