Sunday, 7 July 2013

Silver is the new crochet!

Hello lovelies. It has been a very long while since the yen to blog has gripped me.

There has been much to share and tell, trips to France, both the south and to Paris. A trip to Edinburgh to see the university with Hannah and to catch up with a friend from my uni days in Australia and his fab family.

There is still too much going on in life to really allow the blogging to blossom in full, but things are on the up and it seems I have dealt with a mammoth mid-life crisis in my stride. Having said that, I think that mid life crisis is a dreadful expression if you take the words the way they read. We are all in mid life if you think of it, in the middle of living it every day, not half way through it. And crisis, it has a dozen synonyms, but only a couple of antonyms, PEACE and CALM. So in the process of living my life, I had a sort of epiphany about it and how I want to use it and, I feel relatively calm!
It is still being sorted out, but it has given me such a boost of purpose, of focus and a stronger sense of self. All good things.

Then the absolute icing on the cake. Last year Big J gave me the coolest birthday present, a session with the incredibly talented and lovely EMMA at SILVER PEBBLE in one of her silver workshops and I used it in June.

It is a long time since something has been so exciting to do/learn. She is a very thorough, patient teacher and her own work is just lovely. It was such fun, and for want of a better word, interesting, fascinating in fact.

I came away with these beauties:

which I physically made myself. Yes, Emma helped, but she is very hands off and encourages everyone to do their own thing. Since then, my own Em and I have tried out some of the techniques with Sculpey, with some good and some wonky results. Can't wait til I have the time and dosh and feel brave enough to try silver on my own. I have a ton of ideas and have been collecting lovely shaped objects to use.
It is not the new crochet really, I still love the feel of working with yarn, it is just new and exciting.

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crunchnrustle said...

These are lovely. I've considered trying this myself but fortunately for our bank balance, have not found a local supplier!