Sunday, 7 September 2014

July seems so long ago

As you know, I went home to Oz to see family. I love hanging out with Artist Sister and miss her so much. I made these for her to use while she is working in the studio on cold days:

My estranged sister phoned me. First conversation in years. It was nice, funny, sometimes a bit awkward, but I was so, so glad that there had been contact.
The hard part was talking to my parents about the concerns we all have about Mum and her memory.
They live in a lovely place, but it is isolated,
and she put it all down to lack of stimulus, but it seems more than that.
Things went so far that they even talked about moving and went to see a house in a town nearby. It was not until I was back in Sydney that they decided it was a lovely house but not right for them. They have decided not to move, yet. However, the exercise opened up the topic of the future, and again that was hard, but it has to be done. With none of us near at all, Dad does do a lot. Mum is far from incapable physically, but things have changed and they are moving into a new stage of life.

While there I caught up with a great friend and with her went to watch the KING OF THE 
MOUNTAIN race in Pomona. Very fit people of dubious sanity run up this....I have climbed it, scrabbling, sweating, gasping for breath, but this lot run up and literally jump down it.

The whole day is like a carnival and there is a great atmosphere. Some of the runners are a colourful lot too..

Back in NSW, we drove to Caves Beach to see our lovely sis in law and the beautiful Ava and Tom.
They liked their little crochet things. They (crochet beasts) even came to the beach with us and have been sleeping in Ava's bed since.
Caves Beach is quiet and peaceful and our long walk on the beach was beautiful:

Then it was time for last minute things and talking more and planning the next visit which we hope will be in August 2015 to celebrate Dad's 80th....

From Oz we went to the South of France.....will write about that soon. x

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