Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Off my butt and off the blog

The morning has just about gone and I am still in pjs Juno is edging around the room with the sun for maximum warmth/snooze time. There are a million things to do, especially STUDY and housework. Celia B's bunny needs another ear and his legs stitched on.
I am not sure what to do about the blog. Been on a bit of a low for a while now, frustrating when I am getting to do what I want. Can't throw the mood for long and it hits at the most unsuitable times. Like when all is good and the sun is shining. Then a big stinky black cloud settles all around me and makes it hard to enjoy life. 
I am not prepared to up the meds, I think the answer is in health and well being. So, I am not drinking and loving it. I am getting loads of exercise. On the ward, zumba and walking. I am eating less, not always the best of things, but less all round. 
There are essays due and an exam in four weeks. I think I am going to have to accept that apart from not affording the time, there is not really enough going on to blog about for now. I am realistic enough to know that my readership is small, (but lovely....) and will be fine if there are no entries or fewer for a while.
So have a good festive season dear ones who read this that I know. And the same to anyone else that pops in. 
I'll be back xxx


crunchnrustle said...

Your life is busy and demanding so I for one don't expect to find regular posts from you. Fewer posts give them a rarity value and therefore worth reading all the more when they do appear! Stay well, try to think happy thoughts more than any others, accept what you cannot change, have fun, and laugh until life makes sense. Hugs!

Karen said...

Enjoy the Holiday season --- will miss tuning into your life to see how your "new life" is progressing. Will try to keep in touch ;)
Merry Christmas & have the best New Year - following your dreams

Liz said...

Thanks Karen. Just got to knuckle down now til exams and essays done. Looks like you are having a fab time in NZ. Happy holidays xx